Bosley Trains

Successful Agents are NOT Born...They are Trained

Bosley Real Estate was the first brokerage in Toronto to design and implement their own in-house training course for new agents. When other brokerages were giving agents an empty desk, a land-line and a copy of the White Pages, Bosley was busy working with new agents to train them into professionals, and release them into the industry with a firm foundation.

“Bosley University,” or Bosley-U as it’s better-known, is a personalized training program that covers everything a new agent needs to know and then some. Bosley-U offers new agents the opportunity to meet, interact with, and learn from the entire management team as they moderate each section of the course.

But don’t just take if from us; listen to what our agents are saying:

Don't take our word for it...listen to what our agents say!“I feel fortunate and more empowered with the tools necessary to succeed in the industry, because of the "real world" lessons and examples learned through the training.The process of going to a real property: assessing, pricing, offering and negotiating on it was very enlightening. A totally positive experience.” - Philip Lewicki

"The truth is, as I sat across the table from Tom Bosley trying to land his “listing”,  I  learned more from the actual experience than all those months at OREA. Hands on, real scenario driven and thinking on my feet. It’s almost as if I knew nothing before Bosley U. Worth every excruciating minute.” -  Nicola St. John 


I: Our People, Our Brand & Our Culture                

II: Be Your Own Master

III: Building your Business with a Plan

IV: Prospecting, Marketing and Rules of Road

V: Capturing the Buyer

VI: Negotiating for the Sale

VII: Interactive Pricing

VIII: Get the Listing, Service the Client and Sell the Property!

IX: Representing the Seller - The Offer

X: The Wrap Up

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